Thursday, August 9, 2012

Clubhouse? Sanctuary?

In the spring of this year Dave started talking about building a clubhouse for/with our grandchildren. They all seemed to think the idea was great, so he went ahead and converted the donkey shed into a clubhouse. Sam and Austin (and I) helped to build it, but Dave did 99% of the work. We thought we would get all the grand kids involved but it never seemed to work out when our granddaughters were here. It was either too hot, or they were dressed up for a special occasion or whatever. Sam and Austin pretty much lost interest, although Sam did help paint. 
Well, now the clubhouse is finished. Maybe it is because the month of July was so dang hot, I don't know, but for whatever reason no one really went to the clubhouse. I found 2 folding lawn chairs at a garage sale and put them in the clubhouse. 
The other night Dave and I each took a glass of wine up to the clubhouse. We decided we might change the name to The Sanctuary and keep it as a place to sit on a cool, quiet evening with a glass of wine, or maybe a spot to enjoy an early morning coffee. 
Sam and Austin spent Saturday night at our house, so on Sunday morning I took my cup of coffee to the Clubhouse./Sanctuary and was soon joined by both boys. They are starting to think about using it now, and Sam would really like to have a sleepover in the Clubhouse.