Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working out

I joined the local Jazzercize group this month and have really enjoyed it. I went a little overboard the first couple of times and paid the price with very sore knees, but I am feeling much better now. I discovered that I have to do a low impact version on routines with jumps, but I can do the skips, etc. I guess low impact means you have to have one foot on the floor all the time. It is a lot of fun and I have found that I have a lot more energy and sleep better too. I have not lost any weight, which is one goal I do have right now, but I think I am eating more--basically whatever I want to eat and not gaining.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kintting today was awewome

Whew! I had a great time today with my knitting buddies. We visited The Yarn Shop in Lincoln which has expanded to quite a large shop which includes a great little cafe, The Pink Sheep. They were so hospitalbe: they rounded up some chairs for us--there were 8 of us--so we could sit together, knit, drink coffee or tea, and then order some lunch. I had the spinach and artichoke quiche, a fruit plate and and applesauce muffin. Yum! Yum! Next we went to the Lincoln Weavers' Guild meeting place since several of my knitting friends also weave and we were close by, and it was an awesome place. There were over 70 looms set up with projects that were in various stages of completetion. Since I know very little about weaving, this was quite an eye-opener for me. Great day with great friends!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

World of Work

Almost every day I think of something that I could write about in this space, but then I don't. Some reasons why this happens may be that when I have that thought I am on my way out the door, or at work, or in the car and then I forget about it when I get back home. For the next eleven weeks I anticipate that I will be at home more and that I will be writing more. I will also be doing more gardening, knitting, sewing, and I am going to learn how to spin. I will have more time to visit my mother-in-law and to spend time with my grandchildren. I will make it to more Jazzercize classes, workout with the Wii and go to 'Happy Hour' at the gallery night club on Thursday evenings. I will spend time at the swimming pool, do some fishing and some camping, read more books and watch more movies. Maybe I will volunteer at the library and the Red Cross. All of this is possible because I am off work for the summer. Granted, I only work 20 hours a week when I am working, and I could certainly do most of the things I have just listed as well as work those 20 hours. But, I don't.
Let's see what happens.