Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blog tag

I was tagged by Julie to write 10 weird things about myself and then select five other bloggers to tag.

I will try:

1. I am thinking of going blond.
2. I think about all kinds of things about which to blog, but then I don't do it right away and after a while those ideas aren't so fresh, or I have forgotten them.
3. It is my birthday on Feb. 28 and I will be 59 years old.
4. I don't feel 59 years old.
5. My new favorite author is Anne Lamotte--I am reading Traveling Mercies
6. Reading books by Anne Lamotte will help me become more spiritual in a not-so-spiritual way (you have to read one her books on the topic to see what I mean)
7. One of my favorite places to spend time is the Seward Memorial Library
8. Also in my quest to become more spiritual I am reading the Holy Bible. I am on the 2-year program, but it will take me 3 to 4 years since I don't read every day. I have made it to Deuteronomy (the 2nd telling of the law).
9. I gave up going to church for Lent. Not really, but it hasn't worked for me to get there for a while.
10. I have never attended public school, only parochial schools--very parochial--LCMS schools.

Well, I got that part done. The next thing would be to tag five bloggers--most of the bloggers I know personally are knitters who have just finished doing this because they were tagged by Julie. Hmmmm

Well here goes
Royal Empress
Sandy Knits
Nutty Knitter

I hope it is not bad etiquette to tag total strangers!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pictures from Shelby's birthday party

A few pictures from Shelby's birthday party. She is now a two-year-old!

Friday, February 15, 2008


It has been a long winter. I know it is mid-February and I should expect it to be cold, but we have had snow on the ground since early in December, and that is kind of unusual. Last Saturday morning Sam and I made a snowman and named him Frosty. It was warm enough that we stayed outside for a good long time enjoying some sledding and fun in the snow. Austin joined us, but the snowman was done by then. Frosty melted a little bit on Wednesday and then blew over on Thursday when we had 40 mph winds from the North. Poor guy.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Real Deal

Dave and I attended the first ever Seward County Democratic Caucus at the Seward Civic Center this afternoon. It was a great experience. There were 267 people there, many registering to vote. The crowd was quite a bit larger than expected, although I guess there was really no way to know how many to expect. Everything went along smoothly, even with the O-Bam-A and Hil-la-ry chants that made their way across the crowds periodically.
I am so very proud of Dave! He volunteered (after being pushed a bit) to make a speech in support of Hillary and I have to say it was the best one, and I am not the only one who thought it was best. I wish we could have had it tape recorded, but I didn't think to bring my camera. My new camera has a voice recorder, but I don't know how it works yet, so I probably would not have captured his speech anyway.
Preliminary results are indicating Obama by a large margin. I don't have the Seward County numbers yet, but I think it was closer here. Either candidate will have my full support!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Raucus Caucus

Saturday afternoon will find Dave and me at the first ever Democratic caucus in the state of Nebraska. Two weeks ago we went to the practice event so we would know what would happen. It will be interesting. There are 3,250 registered Democrats in Seward County. Usually when the county group gets together five or six people show up for a meeting. I have never attended one. At the practice caucus there were 22 people in the room. A nice young man, Eric Van Horn, was there from the state organization to show us the ropes. We did it using JFK, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton and FDR as our candidates. The group divided up into four areas of the room, one for each candidate, and one group of undecided voters, just like what will happen tomorrow, except that we have lost one candidate and will only have Clinton and Obama supporters. A group has to have 15% of the total number of participants to remain viable. A spokesperson is chosen from each group and gives a speech trying to encourage people from other groups to "jump ship." Time is alloted for realignment and people can change their minds and move to a different group. After that I get a little fuzzy on the details, so it is a good thing I am not in charge. I think what happens is that each group with at least 15% of the total is viable and the number of delegates if figured from there. It is NOT winner take all. Seward County only has one location for its caucus, the Seward Civic Center and it will be interesting to see how many folks show up.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Virtual travel map

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I am trying out this virtual travel map. Not quite sure of all the possibilities yet, but I guess I got it posted to my blog.