Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blog tag

I was tagged by Julie to write 10 weird things about myself and then select five other bloggers to tag.

I will try:

1. I am thinking of going blond.
2. I think about all kinds of things about which to blog, but then I don't do it right away and after a while those ideas aren't so fresh, or I have forgotten them.
3. It is my birthday on Feb. 28 and I will be 59 years old.
4. I don't feel 59 years old.
5. My new favorite author is Anne Lamotte--I am reading Traveling Mercies
6. Reading books by Anne Lamotte will help me become more spiritual in a not-so-spiritual way (you have to read one her books on the topic to see what I mean)
7. One of my favorite places to spend time is the Seward Memorial Library
8. Also in my quest to become more spiritual I am reading the Holy Bible. I am on the 2-year program, but it will take me 3 to 4 years since I don't read every day. I have made it to Deuteronomy (the 2nd telling of the law).
9. I gave up going to church for Lent. Not really, but it hasn't worked for me to get there for a while.
10. I have never attended public school, only parochial schools--very parochial--LCMS schools.

Well, I got that part done. The next thing would be to tag five bloggers--most of the bloggers I know personally are knitters who have just finished doing this because they were tagged by Julie. Hmmmm

Well here goes
Royal Empress
Sandy Knits
Nutty Knitter

I hope it is not bad etiquette to tag total strangers!

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Nutty Knitter said...

I just responded to your tag on my blog. I was reading a bit about you and, if you hang out at the Seward Library, we're practically neighbors. I went to the courthouse in Seward to get my learners permit & first driver's license. Small world!