Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday night is TV night

I look forward to watching TV on Thursday evenings. This fall I have been watching "Survivor China" on CBS, and then I switch to ABC and watch "Gray's Anatomy." Well. Tonight James was voted out on Survivor China and I feel there is no point in watching any more. He has the most beautiful, perfect body and now he is not going to be strutting around camp any more. I mean, what. is. the. point????

Then, I switched to Gray's Anatomy, and evidently the writer's strike has caught up with it because tonight was a rerun. I missed last week because of Thanksgiving, so I sat here and watched that episode on my computer last night. It ended on a very dramatic note (blood absolutely spurting everywhere out of this guy's neck) and so tonight here we are back at the beginning of the season.

Very disappointing.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


David, Eleanor, Marge and I were guests of Dave's sister, Barbara, and her husband, Keith (How many commas can you get into one sentence?) for Thanksgiving dinner. Keith's mom, Mary Swenson, was also there. The food was absolutely wonderful! We all took turns going around the table and told the others things for which we were thankful. I said I was thankful that I didn't have to cook the dinner.

It turns out that Mary Swenson spent a few of her "growing up" years in a house on Edmund Avenue in Saint Paul, MN. She lived across the street from a house that my aunt Marge lived in, but about 20 years later. She was friends with my cousin, Carol (McLellan) Connolly as a young girl. A "Small World After All" story.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

a new blog for the Neeley's

I decided it was time to move from Yahoo 360 over to Blogger. It just sounds like it will be easier and friendlier to use.

Last weekend Dave and I got to spend some time with our granddaughters, Maggie and Shelby. Two days before our visit Shelby had her adenoids removed and tubes placed into her ears. She was doing pretty well, but we could tell she wasn't quite her happy self.