Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday night is TV night

I look forward to watching TV on Thursday evenings. This fall I have been watching "Survivor China" on CBS, and then I switch to ABC and watch "Gray's Anatomy." Well. Tonight James was voted out on Survivor China and I feel there is no point in watching any more. He has the most beautiful, perfect body and now he is not going to be strutting around camp any more. I mean, what. is. the. point????

Then, I switched to Gray's Anatomy, and evidently the writer's strike has caught up with it because tonight was a rerun. I missed last week because of Thanksgiving, so I sat here and watched that episode on my computer last night. It ended on a very dramatic note (blood absolutely spurting everywhere out of this guy's neck) and so tonight here we are back at the beginning of the season.

Very disappointing.

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Christy said...

Now you'll get to see James all nice and clean now that he's on the jury!