Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's about time

It has been 2 weeks since I last wrote, because here it is "TV night" again. Probably not much TV watching, at least of the usual variety, at my house tonight because Sammy and Austin will be here. In fact, I am leaving to get them from day care soon. First I will go through McDonald's drive through for supper for the boys, myself and aunt Marge. I will get an Asian salad for myself, but everyone else gets junk food. I should feel bad about that, but Marge eats really great meals all the time and never gets any french fries, so she is looking forward to supper. I am also getting a strawberry shake for her. Two-year-old Austin will eat most anything I fix, but 4-year-old Sammy is quite picky. He will eat a McDonald's cheeseburger, however, so that is why I have picked Mickey D's. Grandpa is giving 2 final exams at Southeast Community College tonight so he doesn't get to eat at all.
We have been having quite a time with Marge since Tuesday morning. She thinks she lost her balance on Monday night when she was getting out of the big chair in the living room. She thinks she fell backward and twisted her right arm trying to catch herself. She really can't remember. On Tuesday a.m. she complained of a sore arm, just below the shoulder. I called for an appointment at the clinic--her docs day off, so I made one for Wednesday. Marge was very upset that she had to wait. Wednesday her arm hurt and there was a small swelling below the shoulder joint. We went. Had an x-ray. Nothing broken. Rx for physical therapy. Went home. Lots of moaning, complaining, grimaces, could not get comfortable. Dave and I rolling our eyes. Well, this morning she got up after a great night's sleep, and there is a bruise-colored baseball- sized knot just below her shoulder joint. Back to the doc. He determines the swelling is due to the coumadin (which I fortunately did not give her Wednesday night or it would have been worse) and declares her to be coumadin free from now on since we can find no record of why or how long she has been taking it. Her arm feels better, but looks worse. Tomorrow we will try PT. And I will remember to be more sympathetic.

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