Wednesday, December 26, 2007

God Bless Us, Every One

We made it through Christmas 2007! There really was not much doubt that we would, but it seems like an accomplishment. I have not really felt well since Dec. 8, so each day seemed like kind of a chore to get through.
We did a fair amount of entertaining at our house, but the big event was on Christmas Day and was held at our daughter's home. Our son-in-law made prime rib and also some pheasant, rolls and a mint cake. The rest of us chipped in with potatoes and salads and cookies. I think there were 17 people including 5 kids and it all worked out beautifully. Bob, Rob and Tom, Liz's neighbors, were invited at the last minute because they had no other place for dinner, and were an interesting addition.
The four Neeleys from Omaha (Dan, Jill, Maggie and Shelby) were there, the 2 girls from Texas (Mary Ann and Nette) Great-grandma Eleanor, Great Aunt Marge, the 4 Neeley-Schroeders, Dave and me rounded out the guest list.
We opened gifts later in the afternoon and had a great time. I hope you can see the slide show to get an idea of what happened.


Tana said...

Pheasant - we were talking about having pheasant. Did he shoot it himself? My husband is not a hunter but he did successfully "hunt" for one online. We ended up not doing that though. My Thanksgiving Butterball turkey was horrible and they were supposed to send me coupons, which they never did, and we ran out of time to order a pheasant. Next year...

Neeley Notes said...

Rob considered going hunting on Christmas morning, but his friend didn't have time, so he gave him several pheasants from his freezer. Rob deep fried some on Christmas Eve, which were very good, and then cooked the rest in a cream soup-wine sauce mixture in a crock pot for Christmas Day.