Thursday, March 6, 2008

My numbers

Diet and exercise really do make a difference. A year ago I had my cholesterol checked on the Memorial Health Care Systems Health Fair. It was 313, which is quite high when you look at the recommendations. I visited with my doctor about this and she suggested I take fish oil capsules. So, I bought a huge bottle of them at Sam's Club and I would take one if I remember to do it. Meanwhile, I started working at Concordia and there was a health fair on campus in October. By that time I was a little better at taking the fish oil capsules because I had spoken to a woman about my age who told me that they had made a real difference, and that it helps if you keep them in the refrigerator. You can avoid the yucky aftertaste that way. In October my total cholesterol level had dropped to 271, an improvement, but still way over 200. Under 200 is good. Yesterday the student health service on campus had "Health Decision 2008" with about 50 booths and displays. For $10 bucks I had my blood checked again and my number is now at 227. I have lost 15 pounds since October and am exercising more, which also helps. My LDL is down and my HDL is up (this is good). And my blood glucose is good.
So, I am feeling pretty good about my numbers!

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