Monday, May 24, 2010

Kintting today was awewome

Whew! I had a great time today with my knitting buddies. We visited The Yarn Shop in Lincoln which has expanded to quite a large shop which includes a great little cafe, The Pink Sheep. They were so hospitalbe: they rounded up some chairs for us--there were 8 of us--so we could sit together, knit, drink coffee or tea, and then order some lunch. I had the spinach and artichoke quiche, a fruit plate and and applesauce muffin. Yum! Yum! Next we went to the Lincoln Weavers' Guild meeting place since several of my knitting friends also weave and we were close by, and it was an awesome place. There were over 70 looms set up with projects that were in various stages of completetion. Since I know very little about weaving, this was quite an eye-opener for me. Great day with great friends!

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