Monday, March 2, 2009

Let's face it

I have been on Facebook for a week or so and I am really enjoying this "social networking thing." Many of my cousins participate and also a lot of "friends", Of course, everyone is your friend on facebook--because you invite them to be your friend, and they invite you to be their friend. A few folks I know find this a bit off-putting, but that is the way it is. My Twitter account has suffered and I guess I will give that up, or I should say I have given it up because I never post anything on it anymore.

I turned 60 this weekend and it was not too traumatic. My sister-in-law reminded me I am only a day older, not really a year older.

Dave and I are muddling along taking care of Sam and Austin while their parents are in Cancun. Austin got sick at day care and Dave had to go get him. He seemed pretty good tonight, but if he has a fever in the morning he will have to stay home. I know his parents would rush him right off to see his doctor, but I tend to have more of a wait and see if he feels better attitude. We will re-evaluate in the morning.

This should be a week of prayer and fasting for me as the members of Manna Ministries are working on discerning the will of God for our ministry. There is one particular opportunity in front of us, but it seems highly unlikely that our small group can come up with the funds to take it on--so we are fasting and praying about it. I believe that God speaks to people today--he has spoken to several friends in M2, but I do not ever feel that He speaks personally to me. I am not discouraged by this and will pray for someone else to know His will. I have not ever done a fast, and this is not a very good week for me to try it because of the child care comittment. We will see what happens.

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