Friday, June 25, 2010

Pender "Barn" Quilts

Click to see a bigger image.
Dave and I drove to Pender, NE today to look at the "Barn" quilts that are hanging all over town, and also out in the rural area, a part of the town's 125th anniversary, or Quasquicentennial. This project started when several women from Pender went on a road trip through Iowa and spotted unique quilt block creations painted on barns. They put their heads together, designed and made 8 of the quilt blocks to display in Pender. Their idea caught on and now there are 147 quilt blocks in Pender and 40 out of town. We took a few pictures, but it was overwhelming since there were so many. It seemed like there were more houses with blocks than without.
We also checked out the quilt show at the Legion Hall. A nice variety of quilts, old and new, were displayed.


Becky said...

Joanne, you're photos of the barn quilts are delightful. Shall we make a Branched Oak Road show? I'm game.

Neeley Notes said...

What block would you make?