Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Birthday

My daughter celebrated her 30th birthday last week. We had a family party at our house which was attended by the birthday girl, her two sons, her parents, her grandmother and her great-aunt. Unfortunately her husband had the flu and was at home, close to the bathroom.

While we were waiting for Liz to get home from work we picked up Sam and Austin from daycare. We were getting things ready for supper and Sam thought it would be a good idea to have party hats. Grandpa complied and made several really great ones out of paper. We took turns wearing them, but Liz wore hers all evening.

Liz picked a coconut cake for her birthday cake. My daughter-in-law made it for Christmas and it was delicious. We had just gotten the recipe from her (thanks, Jill) so I offered to make it. Mine didn't look as good as Jill's but it tasted great.

Here is the recipe for the cake. Jill's recipe used 2 white cake mixes instead of making the cake from scratch. Otherwise I think it was pretty much the same.

On Saturday night the fun continued with a party at the Gallery Nightclub in Seward. This is a pretty cool place that opened last Spring. I guess there were about 45-50 people there and it was a lot of fun. Liz's best friend, Bev, drove in from Denver, so that helped make it special. Most people complied with the invitation's request to wear a crazy hat. Liz and Bev borrowed Sammy's pirate hats. . . argh.

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