Sunday, April 20, 2008

The end of the recall

We tried, but it was an uphill battle. The petition drive in Seward County to recall the county sheriff and county attorney ended this past week. Read the Lincoln Journal Star story here.

When my son-in-law started this effort it sounded like it might be pretty easy to get the approximately 1700 signatures needed. About 50 people volunteered to take petitions around to their friends and neighbors and we didn't hear many negative comments. But, when it came down to getting people to sign on the dotted line it was another story. Some people were afraid to sign their names because they thought there might be some negative consequences such as harassment from the county deputies or county attorney's office. I think if you are afraid of your county officials there is a pretty big problem and you should sign a petition to place a recall initiative on the ballot. Other people thought it was too early--let the process work. I think there is no new evidence and the case will not be overturned. And, let's face it, I think most people were apathetic and did not want to get involved.

It turns out that it doesn't matter what I think.

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