Monday, May 19, 2008

It has been a month

I have started any number of interesting posts in my head, but they never get to the point of being typed. Maybe they wouldn't have been that interesting.
We have been kind of busy the past several weeks. Marge moved to Heartland Park Retirement community for a trial run at the end of April and decided to stay. We have been moving her things ever since. We have a small jeep and the two of us which is one reason it is taking a while. Another reason is that I don't want to just move everything into her small apartment all at one time and overwhelm her, so I wait until she asks for something that we have not yet moved. Seems to be working. The only draw back is that Dave and I are still sleeping in the basement bedroom instead of the master bedroom.
Some fun stuff: the first weekend in May was the Lincoln Marathon and our friends from Minnesota, the Johnsons, came to visit so that Jeff could run in the half marathon. He completed the run, a little slower than his goal, but pretty close.
Dave's sisters came to visit over Mother's Day. We had 15 people out here for dinner (four were kids) and it was a good time.
Son Mark and his friend Alan just left this morning after spending the last week here. We got to do lots of fun stuff with them including going to a Saltdogs baseball game and seeing the movie Prince Caspian.

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