Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the road . . in Colorado and Utah

Bird and I drove on I-70 from Denver until it met up with I-15, so we saw a lot of countryside in Colorado and Utah. The scenery in Colorado is beautiful, but sadly you can see hundreds of dead pine trees, a consequence, I suppose, of the pine beetle blight. I wonder what will happen as those trees begin to fall and become kindling. I can imagine there will be huge forest fires in the years to come.

We had 12 dead and dying pine trees removed from our yard yesterday. It only took a few hours to cut them down and remove them, and now we have large empty spaces in our yard. Fortunately, you cannot see our house from the road because we have cedar trees remaining as our wind break. If you have watched Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth you may remember that he mentioned the pine beetle and blight and how we are going to lose millions of pine trees as the pine beetle moves into areas where previously they would die out in the winter. I would agree that it is pretty inconvenient.

The landscape changed as we got into Utah and here a few pictures taken as we drove by at 75 miles per hour. I definitely want to spend some more time in
Utah and see some more of these beautiful rock formations.

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