Friday, August 29, 2008

Time to catch up

I have not written anything on the blog for 2 weeks and I have decided it is time to catch up. Here are some things that have happened:

Dave got a dog while I was in Mexico, a clone of Buddy. Not really. He brought home a Brittany Spaniel, female, 3 years old, by the name of Belle. She is pretty wild, as are most Brittany Spaniels, but we are all adjusting. Her life prior to moving to our house consisted of being in a crate or on a tether, but now she can run and run and run, and she does! Someday she will learn how to come when we call, but probably not any time real soon. She has the same coloring as Buddy, but is a lot smaller. Kitty Meow, our resident cat, was very worried at first and would run from Belle. But one day things changed. I could see it happen, actually. Meow looked at Belle, and did not bat an eye, or move a whisker. She growled and hissed and then when Belle reacted by backing off she got down on the floor and challenged Belle, and started chasing her around the house. It is pretty funny. She does not have any front claws so I don't think she can do any damage to Belle.

I have been working a lot of hours. School has started at Concordia, and with the beginning of the year we have a lot of new students getting jobs on campus. I have to set them up in our computerized payroll system, so it is mostly a lot of data entry. I worked 40 hours this week, and I am quite tired. I don't think I am fit for full-time work any more!

Austin had strep throat last week, so Babysitting Plan B was put into service, and Grandpa became the preferred day care option for most of the week. Dave had Monday off, and then Sam broke his arm. Right arm, just above the wrist. A splint was applied at the emergency room, and instructions given about how Sam needed to be very careful until a regular cast could be put on. Grandpa stepped up to the plate again and entertained Sam on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. At 3:00 p.m. today the crucial time arrived when it was decided that the arm was healing OK, and it could be casted (cast?) Hmmm. Anyway, Sam did not have to have it "reset" which would have meant anesthesia and pain, and anxiety for parents and grandparents (thank you Jesus). He got a bright red cast. Go Big Red! and is happy that he can run around and play and won't have to worry about his arm for a while. Three weeks, I guess.

On Tuesday evening I went to a "Premier Jewelry" party at Liz's house. It was fun to try on the jewelry and hear all the tips the consultant had to offer. I found out that I should be wearing 7-12 pieces of jewelry every day. You can count your earrings as two pieces. I have done this for a few days now, and it is kind of fun. I ordered some jewelry at the party, but I have been experimenting with the jewelry that I have now.

On Thursday night Liz's friend Tina had a Mary Kay "Color Insider" party, so I had to brush up on my MK product knowledge and presentation skills. I was not real happy with my "performance" and I think if I am going to resurrect my Mary Kay career I will need to go to some training meetings again.

There's probably a lot more a regular blog poster would write about, but that is all for now for this blogger.

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