Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is happening with Marge?

It has been a while since I have written about my aunt Marge. You may recall that she moved here (we asked her and she said OK) in July 2007. She lived with us until May 2008 when she moved into an assisted living apartment at Heartland Park Retirement Community. Dave's very wonderful mom, Eleanor, also lives at Heartland, but in the independent unit. She made it a point to call Marge and to walk the long hallways over to her apartment and to bring her a treat now and then. I really appreciated that since Marge tended to stay in her apartment and not go to the social events very often.

Things were going pretty well, even considering Marge's increased dementia. Then, on March 12 Marge fell and broke her left femur. It was quite a bad break and required surgery, which was performed on March 14. On March 16 she was discharged to Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center in Seward, where she has been recovering and receiving physical therapy.

Things were going pretty well, even with the dementia, until Monday, April 20 when Marge could not get enough oxygen. Another one of her medical conditions is congestive heart failure which kicked into high gear and left her gasping for air. Her room mate called the nurse and when they could not help her she was sent by ambulance to the emergency room. After extra doses of diuretic most of the fluid was removed from her lungs and she is doing much better. She was able to return to Ridgewood this afternoon, and actually seemed quite happy to be back.

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