Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Fallbrook House

Dave and I have been members at the Fallbrook YMCA since last October. We try to go two or three times to the Water Fit class, and have decided that when we get back from our Mexico trip we will be ready to try another class, or go off on our own to the weights, etc. I think I would like to have some sessions with a personal trainer.
Anyway, as we drive into the Fallbrook subdivision I always admire the homes. There is a lot of variety in the designs, and the way the subdivision is planned is also appealing to me. The houses have an alley behind them so the garages are in the back, reminiscent of the neighborhoods of my youth. Many of the homes have front porches as well as decks--I like a front porch.
Several weeks ago as we drove around after our workout we spotted a house with a For Sale sign--there are not very many of those in Fallbrook. One Sunday as we were driving back from Omaha and right by Fallbrook we decided to see if there was an open house still going on. Sure enough, we got in there just in time. As we were walking through the home I knew it was too big for us. Also, it is on a corner lot (more snow removal) and the master bedroom is on the second floor (probably should look for something all on one level!). But, it is a beautiful home. I was surprised to hear Dave making inquiries as to the price, taxes, age of the home, etc. He likes it too.
I can't stop thinking about that house. Impractical. We would have a lot to do before we could sell our house. But still . . .

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Susie said...

We have spent many an afternoon trolling Fallbrook and have even taken a few other people with us. We, too, like the style of houses, the layout and atmosphere, location and just about everything except--it's still in cold weather country! It's still fun to look. Let's go together sometime. (If they had put the Trader Joe's there, I'm not so sure we wouldn't have moved--that's how interested we were.)