Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Mexico Diaries

We spent 2 weeks in Mexico, Feb. 22 through March 8. While we were there Dave and I wrote in a journal almost every day. Here are some excerpts:
2/23 (Joanne) Here we are "home" in LaRibera with Bird and Smokey. We had a good trip. At the Houston Airport, "George Bush Intergalactic" as our pilot called it, we got to ride from the gate in terminal C to the gate in terminal E. The driver saw us walking, stopped and asked us where we needed to go. I think we are now officially old people--or at least we look like them. Bird picked us up at the airport, and off we went for our first fish taco of the trip, at a little stand half a mile from the airport. There are several changes at Casa Azul: a "cool pool" and a cistern, graveled patio areas (helps keep sand out of the house), a coffee pot in the guest quarters and new dogs, to name a few. The trees are growing, flowers look beautiful and the tangerines we just picked are tasty!
(David) Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez! What a great sight. I made coffee this a.m. and we are enjoying the view. The weather? Looks to be a great day and we will be going to Los Barriles. Last year we went once for dinner and entertainment by Jeanetti Spagetti, the singer. Bird and Smokey are planning a fishing trip on the Pacific side of the Baja. Also some whale watching is a good possibility. I've seen whales from a distance both times I've been here, but now a chance to get up close--sounds great but a little scary. Hopefully we will get lots of photo ops. It is easy to see why Smokey and Bird love it here. The views are great, and their home is so wonderful. The "guest house" where we stay is an upstairs apartment which I could be happy living in. Not a lot of room, yet it is so comfortable and has such great possibilities.

2/24 (David) Awoke to the sound of dogs defending the casa. Not sure what enemy, foreign or domestic was posing a threat to the casa, but we were well defended. Sight-seeing in Los Barriles was fun and we had an excellent lunch of chili rellenos. Lots fo the resorts up on the East Cape are struggling. The Ranchero Buena Vista has closed since we were here a year ago. It was a beautiful resort and I am saddened by the lose of places like it. The beach, pool, and apartments are not what the typical tourist is looking for today. The local worker earning 80 pesos per day ($7) cannot afford to stay there and American tourists are searching for arcades, waterparks, and high speed internet at their resorts of choice. We visited a veterinarian's office and a bakery on the way back from Los Barriles. Interesting people--Smokey and Bird really know lots of local people. They try to help local businesses and quality of life issues quite a bit. They are good people.
(Joanne) We stayed up late (after 10:00 p.m.!) last night, playing the domino game "Mexican Train." It is a fun, easy game to play; Bird and Smokey taught it to us last year. We will probably play the card game "Golf" a few times while are are here also. We enjoyed our lu nch and sightseeing in Los Barilles yesterday. I bought a silver bracelet and we did a quick look around a real estate office where Bird's friend Pam works. We toy with the idea of spending more time here, but we have a good set-up staying with Bird and Smokey, so we don't need to buy a house! But it is still fun to think about it :) The usual five dogs are here: Amiga, Blanca, Chui, Nubi and Dori. Also present: Maggie and her four puppies. Maggie was spayed yesterday and Bird may have a home lined up for her on another home for one of the puppies, so 3 to go!

2/25 (David) Yesterday Smokey taught me how to make fishing rigs for deep sea fishing. I have never fixed up rigs for ocean fishing, so it was interesting and I produced several. Let's see if they work on our fishing trip.  I went to a fishing tackle store yesterday and met Jim, the owner of the shop. He is in a wheelchair and is a very soft spoken, articulate man. He was very interesting and knowledgeable about his craft. He asked if we would give him a report on fish caught and equipment used when we return from San Carlos. Smokey is going on to San Diego after the fishing trip, so I look forward to going to visit with Jim again.
(Joanne) We had really windy weather here yesterday which postponed our plan of taking the dogs to the beach. Instead we worked on a project for Amigos de Animales, Bird's group that rescues stray dogs and cats. They are holding a garage/bake sale this Saturday. Bird and I took some donations over to Betty, who will price everything. I have not seen stray cats in La Ribera, just lots of stray dogs. Now I know why; they are all living at Betty's casa--13 or so. Bird and I returned Maggie to the vet in Las Cuevas because she pulled out some of her stitches from her neutering surgery. We will have to go get her this morning--good thing too because her puppies miss her. I went with Bird to Happy Hour (Thursday version) and met several of her friends, some of whom I had met on previous trips. Bird mentioned that we will be celebrating our birthdays and that she will be 16 next Leap Year. I believe a "Sweet 16" party is already in the planning stages!

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