Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for a book report

I have read several books over the last few weeks but one that I really enjoyed was I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson. The title refers to the song by David Cassidy of Partridge Family and teen idol fame. The story starts out in Wales where 38-year-old Petra is going through her mother's belongings after her funeral. In her mother's closet she finds a letter that is addressed to 13-year-old Petra. She opens it to find that she and her friend Sharon had won a trip to meet David Cassidy-- 25 years ago. Her mother disapproved of Petra's teenage crush on David Cassidy and so she never gave her the letter. Only days before Petra learned of her husband's infidelity; that coupled with her mother's death and the discovery of the lost letter make Petra decide to call the magazine that sponsored the contest.
Another part of the story involves Bill who gets his journalism start by writing for the Essential David Cassidy magazine. He virtually makes up the David Cassidy that all the young teenage girls in the British Isles love. He also answers a lot of the fan mail. He is, naturally, totally embarrassed by this job, because the only people who like David Cassidy are 13-year-old girls. 25 years later Bill manages several magazines and when Petra calls to inquire about her trip to meet David Cassidy, Bill goes against the conventional wisdom that Petra must be a crazy old lady and turns it into a series of magazine articles.
I Think I Love You captures that first love feeling very well. Allison Pearson did interview David Cassidy for a magazine article a few years ago, and she was enthralled with him when she was 13 years old. She spins a great story from this material.

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