Saturday, January 3, 2015


I have noticed that many people who write blogs pick a word or a theme in early January as they are contemplating the new year. So, I have decide to follow suit and pick a word, and it is BALANCE.
I feel out of balance quite frequently, so it is something I think I should think about, and work on.
One way to physically work on balance is to exercise, to practice yoga, and I do need to do this before I start falling over on a regular basis instead of just catching myself as I begin to topple over. I believe I know what to do, but I have not taken time to do it. I have yoga videos, I know the class schedule for the local teacher, and I have an ap for that. I think to be consistent I will have to schedule a daily time for practicing yoga, and I am pretty sure that time will have to be in the morning after my first cup of coffe. That way I can have a second cup of coffe to look forward to as a reward.
The other kinds of balance may be trickier to figure out. I think it best to get one thing in balance and then the others will fall into place.

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