Saturday, April 2, 2011

Calamus Camper

Last week Dave bought an old camper that is sitting on a parking spot at Calamus Lodge. Yesterday Dave loaded up the Jeep, including me and our dog Belle, and off we went so I could see it and we could do a little clean up. Dave keeps telling me the camper "has potential" and I can see his point. He will use it pretty often as a home base for fishing trips. I will go along, but probably not every time.
We are novice RV owners and it took us quite a while to get things working. We could not get electricity to the camper until Dennis, owner of Calamus Lodge, came and discovered the contacts were corroded. After he cleaned that up we had power!
Connecting our plumbing so we could have water took much longer. The camper has been re-plumbed and it was a bit confusing. After a few phone calls to the previous owner we could flush and run water in the kitchen sink. The bathroom sink will have to wait for another day because the faucets are not yet connected. We think we burned out the water heater when we turned on the power before the tank had time to fill, so hot water will have to wait for another day as well.
Yard work was also on the agenda and we picked up leaves, twigs and small branches around the camper and got a good blaze going in the fire pit.
The previous owners left a lot of stuff including dishes, silver ware, pots and pans, beach chairs, bedding and a hot plate to name a few. We threw out some stuff and cleaned up the rest.
Another project was to shorten the window blinds. I got a few of them done, but there will be more to finish on the next trip.
Attached to the camper is a screened porch, about 20 x 12 feet. I think that will be used a lot this summer. The camper is old, but there has been a lot of updating to the interior: new kitchen counters, sink and cupboards, new wainscoting and trip and paint, new blinds, new bathroom fixtures, so it is pretty nice inside.

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Susie said...

Let us know when we can drive the Jamboree up and park next to you. In a couple years we're going to want a different camper and by then you'll be hooked and in the market for one that moves so we'll go shopping together.