Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chiropractic Care

One thing I never thought I would do was visit a chiropractor. And, now, here I am with 3 appointments last week! Just 2 for the coming week, though.
It started when grandson Sam was having trouble with his back after a fall from a playground slide. Visiting his GP at the medical clinic did nothing to ease the pain or help him stand up straight, so his parents took him to see Dr. Wild. That helped almost immediately. Then they shifted to Dr. Hackbart because they felt he was more thorough and gave them a plan with an end date. After several appointments for Sam, Liz decided to go. About twice a year her back "goes out" and she thought she would have this checked out. She said that when he adjusted her upper back she realized that she had been uncomfortable for so long she had grown used to it and didn't realize what it was like to feel good.
So, when I saw Dr. Hackbart at the Spring Show I took advantage of a coupon and went in for a consultation. I have not had quite the dramatic results that Liz has experienced but I do feel better. I has a relapse this week after watching our 3 grand daughters for a day, but my back is starting to feel better.

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Susie said...

You're quite the saleslady! If I get a free coupon I'll go.