Monday, May 25, 2009

Book shelf

Just got a notice from the Seward Memorial Library that I have a book due this week. The name of the book is Four Blondes by Candace Bushnell. I checked it out because she is the author of Sex and the City. Now, I have not read Sex and the City, but I enjoyed the television series that ran for six seasons several years ago, so I thought I would enjoy this book, which was a bestseller, but I should have left it on the libray bookshelf instead of bringing it home. The locale is New York City, and the characters are a minor celebrity, aB-list movie star,a high powered magazine columinist and writer. All are at a crisis or cross roads in their lives and/or relationships. If they weren't so slutty I might have cared about them. But they were, and I didn't.

The other book I am returning is Dog On It a detective novel narrated by Chet (the Jet) a large dog whose owner is Bernie Little, of the Little Dectective Agency. Chet considers himself a detective and Bernie's partner in solving cases. The author is Spencer Quinn and he is writing a sequel, so the Bernie and Chet can solve another mystery. Bertie is the typical down and out detective, former police officer, divorced dad that I think populates a few other series. Having the dog narrate is funny and cute and did keep me reading. The story takes place in the southwest and involves a missing teenage girl, who may or may not have been kidnapped. There is no ransom note, but things just don't add up for Bernie as he investigates. He knows the girl is in trouble even though she seems to have contacted her mom to tell she will be home soon. Both Chet and Bernie are in danger at various points in the book, but there is nothing really gruesome in the novel, and it is pretty light reading. Also a bestseller. I may look for the sequel when it comes out.

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susiejwill said...

You'd love the Evanovich series!