Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dance Recital

Here is Maggie after her dance recital last Saturday. She was a flower in the octopuss's garden under the sea along with about 11 other little girls. Maggie attends Mary Lorraine's Dance Center and the recital was at Millard South High School. Maggie had a good crowd there supporting her: both sets of grandparents, her aunt Julie, her mom and dad and her two sisters. It was fun to watch Shelby, age 3, and Natalie, 6 months as they watched the dancers. They were enthralled with the whole production. Shelby would clap and clap after each group finished, but when Grampy Dave asked her if she wanted to take dance lessons, she declined. Maggie's future in dance is not certain, since she put up a fight every week when it was time to go to her dance lesson, but on Saturday night she was every inch a dancer!
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