Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flowers in my yard

Most of my flower gardens don't look so great because I have not spent more than 15 minutes clearning out last year's debris, but there are a few bright spots. The flower at the top is called Fremont's Clematis. It is kind of a rare plant and I got it at a plant sale in Lincoln at the University of Nebraska East Campus.
Here is another variety of clematis, purchase a few years ago at Merle's Garden Center here in Seward. Wish I could remember the name, but I cannot. The first year I planted it I think it had one sad flower, and the next year it may have had three. But once it got established it has done really well. It is an early bloomer, and if the weather conditions are right, it will bloom again later in the summer.

I remember that there was a beautful dark purple clematis in the yard where I grew up. Florence (my step-grandma) enjoyed her flower garden and had a lot of old fashioned favorites.
And last of all, this is the first year our lilac bushes have done really well. They have almost finished blooming and I feel guilty about not taking any blooms to my aunt Marge. I think I will wait for the Lilly of the Valley to bloom and take a bouquet of those and maybe some iris.

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